right now :: a hood and a smile

IMG_5440Yesterday, I took a little time while the rain was pouring down outside to finish, yes finish, Miss Olivia Fern’s sweater. A sweater in the likeness of her brother’s lucky purple sweater. I hope it sees her on just as many adventures!!!

I cast on for the project (ravelry link) just before her October birthday with the delusional sense that it would somehow be a present for her big day. Well… not quite. But I’ve learned with hand-knit garments that the calendar needs to be disregarded and the gift given whenever and wherever the finish line is crossed. I relish that moment: “the-moment-of-handing-it-over”. It gives me great satisfaction to see the appreciative smile as well as the empty knitting needles. Hmmmmm… what shall I cast-on next?IMG_5442IMG_5445 IMG_5446IMG_5447

8 thoughts on “right now :: a hood and a smile

  1. What a great sweater – wish I could make something like that for my little babe. She’ll have to make do with a scarf or hat – that is the extent of my knitting ability!

    • the beautiful thing about knitting for little ones is that, well, they are littler. which means a whole lot fewer stitches and time. if you screw up, it’s a lot less painful to unravel! if you can knit a scarf, and can follow basic instructions, you can knit a sweater for your little one in no time!

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