a scone

it has been a long road to this scone. you see, our citrus obsession began unknown years ago in a friend’s small greenhouse. they hosted us around this time of year and opened the door into our future that day. a small heated greenhouse full of the fragrance of citrus flowers. intoxicating it was, we had to replicate this. fast forward. we saved money and seed and ideas and this year we are harvesting our first meyer lemons.


sustainable, hmmm, questionable.  local, most certainly!

delightful treat for the family to share, indeed.

meyer lemon scones with meyer lemon glaze



a little bit of sunshine to you all on a cloudy december day.

2 thoughts on “a scone

  1. Yummy, yummy. We have a friend who tried to grow his own avocados and has a banana tree (here in PA). We both try to live sustainable lives and make local/organic food choices, but bananas and avocados are so healthy for you, it is an ethical dilemma – to buy or not to buy – health or the environment?

  2. I have dreams of a heated greenhouse with citrus, turmeric, curry trees, and a host of other wonderful things. I hear that we may not be far off from reaching that dream! Those scones look lovely!

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