Today I am thankful…

… for the healing magic of arnica and comfrey, and for a rough and tumble little boy that is so brave.

… for scrumptious dark indigo blue yarn from my dear fellow farmwife, and a weekend spent knitting it into a hat. Merry Christmas to me.IMG_5530

… for the UPS man who never once implies that our nearly mile-long, rather challenging driveway is a royal pain-in-the-ass. He always greets me with a smile and a hello, as if I live right on Main Street. (very unlike our FedEx man, who likes to leave our packages ten miles up the road at the nearest gas station for us to retrieve ourselves. Hmmm. I’m pretty sure I paid for shipping, right?)

… for nearly three days (three days!) of mostly sunny skies. Now we should be able to power the little white lights on our Solstice Tree on the Darkest Day without shutting our solar system completely down.IMG_5508

… for a little time spent with my sweetie in the garden today, planting hope. Three apple trees and one pear tree added to the orchard.IMG_5565

… for an early Christmas gift of extended pantry shelves from my ever obliging husband who never questions my odd requests. (See… I told you they would not be too deep!)IMG_5559

… for unbelievably quiet, moonlight saturated nights.

… and for the little things that fill my days.IMG_5555

4 thoughts on “thankful

  1. That is a beautiful hat – love the color and the pattern! Is always good to treat yourself! And aren’t women always right – men should never question us! We know what we’re doing, especially around the home. 🙂

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