tea time

Join the farmwives for a tea time chat…

Dear Friends –

I have so missed our tea time chats! Please, share with me again. The holidays are upon us. I know we all love crafting our gifts and making the time special in our own ways. What are your favorite resources this year, for gift-making, meal-making, and fun-sharing? On-line, in-print, whatever… without giving away any secrets, of course, tell me what you’re up to.

My personal sources right now are pretty simple. We use All Year Round for general kid crafts, mostly simple stuff. And Stitch’n Bitch (the book) is my go-to for basic knitting instruction. Oh, and I stumbled into a really nice sounding chocolate-nut bark in Yoga Journal a couple days ago. You might be sampling that at our next get-together.

Thanks, loves, Coree

nice pie

Cher replies… Yes, I, too, have missed our tea time conversations. Maybe we can get back into the swing of things now that our growing/harvesting seasons have (mostly) come to a close and we have so much spare time on our hands now (ha, you realize I’m joking, right?).

So, just off the top of my head, I have a few places I repeatedly turn to when I’m needing a little inspiration. I just got my recent issue of Taproot magazine, and this issue has a super-cute knitting pattern for hats sized for the whole family. The pattern looks simple and quick, perfect for gifts! There is also a full-size sewing pattern that looks easy and quite cute, just right for sprucing up our rugged farmwives’ wardrobes. Plus, there are so many inspiring articles and recipes in this magazine, it truly is an inspiration. Then, my “go to” for knitting ideas, as I’ve mentioned many times before, is Ravelry. There is quite an amazing assortment of ideas to be found there, and lots of fabulous crafters, too. And I’ve recently come across the Crafting Connections website which looks right up my alley. They also have a print magazine that I am very interested in subscribing to. (hint, hint, Eric!) And when my crafting ability fails me, and I need to purchase a little extra something that I can’t make myself, Nova Natural Toys and Imagine Childhood are two fabulous small scale, environmentally-friendly businesses that I feel good supporting. Oh, there is so much good stuff out there, I’m only just scratching the surface! I’ll turn the conversation over to Robin now…

xo, cher

hi friends, yes indeed, the “off ” season is upon us, time to breathe deeply and focus on indoor projects, i love this. i do admit though that a full half of my days are still spent outside. it never really ends! i am settling into a lovely place on a couch where the sun shines in during some of william’s nap time and knitting happily away. like cher, i head to ravelry most often for what seems an endless supply of patterns for every knitter’s level. i have a current favorite book last minute knitted gifts. often, the challenge with knitting patterns and me is i am using entirely on our own yarn! yes, a blessing indeed, but  i have to adapt each and every pattern! so, alot of my knitting comes from folks that have knit a certain something with our yarn and passed along the hand written adaptation to me! big success with wrist warmers and head bands this way. in terms of other crafts, we are in a candle making phase. inspired again by taproot magazine, we have been melting and making with beeswax which is so simple and enjoyable.


so, my needles are waiting. wishing you all happy crafting in the days ahead. with light and love dear friends


4 thoughts on “tea time

  1. We have a lot of resources in common! And we love the beeswax candles that my husband makes. My recipe resource is honestcooking.com – I’ve gotten some really good recipes off there.

  2. Origami has been the name of the game for me, because It is something I can do in low light. I’m mostly using the book Kusudama Ball Origami by Makoto Yamaguchi.

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