IMG_5676IMG_5607IMG_5598IMG_5665IMG_5588IMG_5689IMG_5675IMG_5621The past few weeks have been filled to the brim. Full of family and friends, parties and travel, and more cups of eggnog than I can count. Our humble little home has gone from messy to clean to messy to clean and every stage in between. We’ve rearranged our indoor world to make room for our Solstice tree (It was a ten foot cedar that Ira selected and chopped down with his ax. And for visual reference, our entire living/dining room is just 15′ x 20′. I’m not sure how it fit, but it did and was so nice.) We rearranged again when the tree was removed to make more play space so the little people that live here have a zone for some special new loot.  And we rearranged yet again when a special piece of my grandfather’s furniture was brought home and nestled into the mix. (All of this rearranging and organizing strikes a seriously deep and satisfied chord with the virgo in me. And just in time for the new year. I’m getting off to a good start, at least!) We’ve been busy crafting and playing games, reading stories and stoking fires. And drinking more eggnog. We’re celebrating the return of the light and full of wonder about what this New Year holds for us. We are full to bursting, and there’s still more to come!

This evening, as the sun was setting on the final day of 2013, I strolled down to the creek, watched the light in the sky fade, and said a fond farewell to the year. It was a good one.IMG_5683IMG_5684

Wishing you a blessed New Year that is full of all of the people and places and moments that you hold most dear. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “full

  1. I am unfamiliar with the term “Solstice tree”. How does the tradition differ from a Christmas tree? Always love a good game of Scrabble! Its how my husband and I spent many evenings in college. We’ve migrated to Bananagrams. Its a quicker game, which is necessary with a baby in the house.

    • The Solstice tree is just our family thing (we call it a Christmas tree, too), but being so seasonally influenced, the winter solstice and the return of the light is a big deal to my family. We generally travel to my mom’s for actual Christmas, so my own family’s celebration has evolved around the solstice. I suppose the tradition is the same, though… bringing life and light into our homes in the dark days of winter; of rebirth and renewal.
      We’ve just started getting back into Scrabble around here! (I wish I knew about Bananagrams when my babes were small!) It’s been years, but our little ones are just big enough that our games aren’t so distracted that we can’t function! Happy New Year to you!

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