i feel strange right now. according to all reports an arctic front is headed our way. my day was spent in the quintessential calm before the storm. with the wind blowing fierce and warm, this mid winter balminess that can only mean one thing. something strong is in the works.

i try not to live in fear, i tend to steer away from all of the media that gets your heart rate going, but still, with livestock and wood heat and a much-needed food supply and exposed pipes i can’t help but muster a  bit of energy for preparedness.


the first stop was the pig pen. with 6 piglets less than 2 weeks old, we certainly wanted to be sure these little dears had a bit of extra bedding for the sub zero temperatures ahead. plus some for the rest of the gang as well.IMG_0413


next, the sheep. with their woolen coats we don’t worry too much about the flock, but we did want to move them to a sunnier paddock with some fresh forage (as fresh as you can find in january anyway).



our milk cow is already cozy in her winter paddock with access to barn and hay, so she wasn’t on my circuit. that made the very next priority my food! we are eating out of our high tunnels right now. when the temperature hovers around freezing, we can get a little sloppy with the end walls and closures of these structures. the greens inside will be fine. honestly, i have no idea what happens to the produce in the high tunnel when the outside temperatures are near zero, but i did want to spend a little time with my wiggle wire to make sure we have the best chance of eating fresh greens once this weather moves through.


the sun is setting behind dark storm clouds, the precipiation has just begun. the question now is do you go to bed when it is 50 degrees knowing that it will be 5 degrees when you wake up? am i ready?readiness is just so relative. i keep glancing at the sky, knowing that she swirls and twirls with a mighty front headed our way.

alas, as always this time of day,  i turn to the family, prepare a healing soup to nourish and warm us. i believe we are ready.


sleep cozy friends and may your water be running when you wake…..

6 thoughts on “ready?

  1. Have the same strangeness here. 11 degrees yesterday morning, supposed to be 40 today, and then near 0 tomorrow. A very windy night last night, the warm air blowing in. Outside we only have our chickens to worry about. They’ll get some extra kitchen scraps or some dry baked goods to perk up their day. Two week old piglets – I bet they are adorable!

  2. I picked large bowls of kale, collards, beets and turnips, not wanting to loose these crops completely. Hopefully, with a kerosene lamp in the greenhouse the roots will survive and the plants will come back, if the sun should come out I think we’ll have a fighting chance. In the meantime our chairs are pulled up close to the woodstove!

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