a splendid visit

it was day 3 without water when the call came. our propane tank was so low i was afraid to bake for fear of running out of gas mid confection.

it was gabe, a 19 year old we have known since her toddlerhood. one of our dearest family friends. she was in the neighborhood and hoped to visit, “as long as you don’t want to have a shower or do your laundry, please come.”

we wrestled ourselves out of the state of self-pity we had sunk into on the heels of a flu, a wicked cold snap, and the resultant lack of water. as dusk arrived and our dear guest entered, i knew we were in for a bright day ahead.

i should back track and let everyone reading know that gabe’s mom, one of my sweetest friends, was truly the original radical farmwife. she raised her two daughters here in the heart of rural kentucky and is most definitely a mentor for us all (right ladies?)

their family moved as the girls came of age, settling into a new phase of life which brings them great joy. alas, i do miss these folks, fiercely sometimes.

back to the present day. gabe holds a spot dear to each of us.

for madeline, gabe introduced her to the joy of dance. she and her older sister were madeline’s first dance teachers. a world was opened for my dear daughter and the both of us are forever thankful.IMG_0620



for sasha, gabe introduced him to horsemanship.  rosie, my son’s first horse and true love, is gabe’s horse, they even share a birthday. as their family planned to move away from kentucky, it was our farm and our boy, on the brink of his adolescence, that welcomed rosie here. the reunion of rosie and gabe with sasha alongside was as special as you can imagine. IMG_1391


the time together was delightful. within minutes the kids were playing master mind and talking of adventures and life as it moves from the hills of kentucky to places afar. we learned  that she has indeed travelled far and become a hard-working, independent, confident, jubilant young woman. the following day, with the extra hands and uplifting energy of our friend, we worked on the water system and soon water flowed.

i suspect she will travel many roads before we again see her smiling face. as i ponder our family’s time here, many of the touchstone memories of these 15 years swirl around our wonderful family friends that i know are hard to come by.  i can’t help but feel truly blessed right now.

2 thoughts on “a splendid visit

  1. Wonderful that you think of an unexpected visitor in the middle of a rough patch as a blessing, instead of an inconvenience. Sounds like she was just what your family needed at the moment and it is wonderful that she knows she has such wonderful friends that are there for her.

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