coming around

IMG_5726 IMG_5721 IMG_5706 IMG_5711 IMG_5717 IMG_5724IMG_5727Our year got started off with a bang, ringing in the New Year with special friends, including my dear fellow farmwives. Lovely, lovely day surrounded by folks I hold dear to my heart. and then…

…Then the reverberation of that bang: the whole family down with the flu. All five of us at once. During that really cold Polar Vortex event. I’ll just say that maintaining the fires during that time took some deep down effort. Thank heavens we had a mountain of firewood stacked right against the house for easy access. And thank heavens everyone’s appetites were down then, so the need to prepare meals was abated at least. And thank heavens once more that Eric, in preparation for the cold weather, had the livestock set up in an extra large paddock with plenty of hay and access to a flowing water source. Whew.

Then triple bang: following a bleary restless night at the beginning of our family’s “down” time, I had to go and spill a cup of tea on our computer. Oops. Turns out to be one of the most expensive cups of tea I’ve ever not enjoyed.

So there’s a quick run-down of my absence in this space over the past few weeks. I’ve missed being here. Sometimes these things just can’t be helped. The good news, though, is that we’re coming around. We’re now working with a loaner computer until our new one arrives. We’re back on our feet following our sickness despite the nagging hacking coughs that fill our days. Our energy levels are returning, just like the ever-increasing amount of sunshine, a little bit more each day.

While I’m probably not going to chalk up these past few weeks as a highlight for the year, they serve their purpose just the same. At one point, I realized that my entire family, all laid out in various horizontal positions, was occupying a mere 25 square feet (roughly). We were all laying this way and that, overlapping and leaning on each other. Helping each other with presence. We certainly were not lonely in our sickness, and for that I am grateful.

6 thoughts on “coming around

  1. Sorry to hear you have had such a rough patch. Your kids look like they have a great place to play and explore. What is that horribly prickly looking tree?

  2. It is rough when we go through so much at once…but the blessings were many – all of you were together… the fire continued … and now you could look back and see it as an experience :0) Be well. Take care of yourself as you take care of others. As a mama, this is sometimes so hard, but the rewards of taking care of others are so many :0)

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