friendship day

you have probably gathered by now, we don’t get out much. with livestock and great distances between us and our friends and wood heat, it is rather a  big harangue to socialize. during the long growing season, we don’t think twice about this, we might even be overstimulated. our scene is lively with apprentices and guests and weekly market trips.


during the winter, however, our off time, we miss our buddies. for me, the extrovert, this might be considered one of the very few downsides to the self-sufficient rural lifestyle we have chosen.


each year however, ’round about this time, we make a point of a 24-36 hour weekend getaway to our dearest family friends just 2 hours away. this family fits my family like a glove. with perfectly matched kids and nearly 15 years of shared experiences, we love these folks. (no names or photos, nothing worse than a blogging friend crashing your anonymity)


on this weekend’s annual visit, we were sitting around their dining table and found the table topics, a game previous unfamiliar to me. while never at a lack of conversation, the children read our card:

“if you could create your own holiday, what would it be and how would people celebrate it?”

first response, “all the good ones are taken”

quickly next, “we need one to celebrate now, in the deepest darkest days of post new year’s winter”

alas, after not many minutes, as a group  (adults and kids involved) we came up with friendship day.


“not valentine’s day” we all screamed, no hallmark card to celebrate this new festival.

thus, in the throws of a wonderful family visit, friendship day was born: a day to celebrate the true love that is friendship. gifts can only be hand-made, for this holiday, you give your time, your love, not money. sharing  time is what makes friendship special.

the date is flexible, but i encourage you all to celebrate it now. now when moods could be low, when there isn’t another festivity in sight. pick a friend, pick a family of friends, bake something, make something and celebrate your mutual adoration.

i can think of no better posse than to celebrate the very first friendship day with and you know what, i just decided that this is one of those holidays that you can celebrate not once, but twice or thrice. you know dear readers, i am going to try to do just that! i hope you are all insprired to do the same.


2 thoughts on “friendship day

  1. What a lovely idea, who needs Hallmark, much more fun to create your own everything anyway. Thank you for sharing the love. Happy friendship day!!!!!!

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