ten times around

IMG_4045My firstborn child recently celebrated his tenth birthday. Ten years. My word, where did that time go? His actual birthday earlier in the month unfortunately fell during the days when the entire family was down with the flu. There was no cake. There was no party. There was not much excitement stirring around this house. But did this boy of mine complain? Not one bit. He seemed to accept the fact that this year’s birthday was on temporary hold until we all regained our health with nary a grumble. (Don’t get me wrong, he’s a kid and he complains about plenty of other things!) So when we all recovered, and the time came to celebrate this beautiful young soul, he requested pizza. Out. At a restaurant. The rare indulgence our family so infrequently splurges on. And since Ira is a Seahawks football fan (I’m not at all sure where this comes from. But don’t worry all of you PA relatives, he claims the Steelers are still his “favorite”) we doubly splurged and spent the night in a hotel (oh, my!) with an indoor pool and a TV (since we don’t have these amenities at home, nor do we want them) so that he could watch the playoff games. Quite a shift from our normal life, to say the least. But sometimes, as a parent, when you look into the glistening eyes of your precious child and see his heartfelt request… well, it’s pretty hard to say no.

Following are some photos, recapping Ira’s year. It was so much fun looking back on all this year held for him. Obviously, I’m a very proud and partial mama, so all I’m going to say is what an amazing little guy. I’m so honored to share this time, together.IMG_4100 IMG_2153 1 IMG_2187 1 IMG_2789 IMG_2783 IMG_2211 1 IMG_2538IMG_4274 IMG_4711 IMG_4460 IMG_5855

Happy birthday, Ira! May you make the big journey around the sun many, many more times…

5 thoughts on “ten times around

  1. Your son might not have TV, but he is definitely not lacking for anything in the entertainment department! What a great collage of pictures – the animals – oh my! I’m in heaven, except for the frog and fish! 🙂
    And being from PA, I know what those Steelers fans are like, though luckily my family is not big into sports.

    • No shortage of entertainment here, that’s for sure! And as for sports, while I marvel at athleticism and the capabilities of a conditioned human body, the hype of pro sports is over the top!

  2. Oh my goodness, you could tell he is thoroughly enjoying his life, just the way it is 🙂 Happy Birthday to your son… may he be blessed with many more… m.

  3. Glad you had a great birthday Ira! Of course I have to ask about the Gulf Shores pic. Did he catch it? And what was it??? If he did, and it was big, it was because he had Uncle Mark’s net. Thanks Uncle Mark You’re awesome!!!

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