perfect party day

it is hard to imagine the perfect day for us farmwives to get together. we are tied to the land after all and if the weather is fine there is too much to do around the farm to feel good about leaving. during the winter if the weather is too cold, there are a host of other concerns: the greenhouse, the seedlings, the livestock, the pipes, the cold home to return to…the list goes on.  if it is too rainy, the creeks start to rise and it just your instinct to stay put.floor play

when we started this blog just one year ago, we committed to monthly meetings, times when we could be together, the children could play and we could sustain the vision that we created. alas, these monthly meetings have been the most wonderful part of this shared project and this day, the second gathering for 2014, I hosted. we planned double header: a celebration of madeline’s 11th birthday and our first ever super bowl party.beautiful birthdaylovely cake

so now, you can only imagine my joy as I awoke to the grimmest grayest day possible. A day that under any other circumstances would be a definitive downer proved to be the greatest gift for the day ahead: a day surrounded by my most favorite friends.
so, with the sound of the rain on the metal roof as my muse, the pots are full of sauces for a grand pasta feast. I wait until mid day for the festivities to begin.IMG_0706

now, hours of good fun have passed and I resist the urge to snuggle in bed with my littlest one. I have to share the delights of the day for nearly nine hours we celebrated together, we ate, we played, we made home made pretzels and nachos (it was a super bowl party after all). It is hard for me to imagine anything better than the joys of family friendship. This day, even the little ones found their groove. With nary a complaint, the day flowed. Seahawks fans dined with bronco fans. My girl and her best buddies baked and played in the matching aprons she made for her gals. I am tired and so full of the love we all share.IMG_0714

I know it isn’t easy in life to find good friends. I know how blessed I am.

2 thoughts on “perfect party day

  1. Thank you for taking the time to share. It is hard to find people that have the same beliefs and values that you do, especially when you hold views that go against mainstream society. Enjoy your friendships!

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