right now :: finally

hoodie 4Early Spring last year I started a knitting project.  There was this beautiful wool in the half price bin at our local yarn shop (Lafayette didn’t know how good they had it with that shop!).  It’s a sweet Peruvian merino.  I made a pair of fingerless gloves (they are thumbless too).  They are an extension of the glorified rectangles that I am so fond on making.  And I had more yarn.  I bought all they had of that lot.

So, I decided to go tubular.  hoodie 3

Then there was Spring, and Summer, when almost no knitting happened at all.  Then came Fall, and it was time to knit for Christmas gift-giving.

And so, I’m just now finishing my over-sized cowl.  It is warm and soft.  It can cover my neck and my head, and the colors are beautiful.  After such a long wait, in such a cold winter, I’m enjoying it thoroughly.hoodie

Here’s hoping that your winter projects bring you so much joy…


3 thoughts on “right now :: finally

  1. Looks great! I had plans to start making a cowl for myself, but my husband has just put in a request. Since he bikes to work and wants it for that, his cowl will take precedence.

  2. good for you. I still have several knitting projects sitting in various shoeboxes
    that i may get to now that I have finished the teaching stint. Especially if it stays
    yucky outside. I also found some beautiful skeins in Lafayette a few yrs back
    that I am excited to use. Your cowl turned out great!

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