I’m inspired by the fiber frenzy happening in my friends’ lives.

I’m also inspired by my daughter’s first brave foray into the public school system. Lulah will be performing in the local high school’s production of Disney’s Jungle Book in April (more on this later, I’m sure). When we started packing her up for rehearsal, it became clear that her old backpacks were insufficient.

And so it was time to set that inspiration into action. I was imagining a thick felted wool backpack in many different colors.

But, once we unearthed the fabric box, Lulah saw what she wanted right away. Some orange and black fleece suited her taste, and there was just enough for the project. backpack 4

We poked around on-line for a reasonable and interesting pattern, blew the dust off the sewing machine (an ancient sturdy Singer, much thanks to dear Momo), and dove in.

What fun!

I was surprised how large it turned out, but it wouldn’t be hard to make a smaller one. backpack 2

The fleece is stretchy – not suitable for heavy loads. But the pattern should work with other fabrics, too.

So – get inspired. Winter won’t last all year. Goodness knows there’s plenty to do.

Here’s the link to the pattern we used. Very nice instructions.backpack 3

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