popcorn, tea and me

ii couldn’t have planned it better if i tried, this moment of solitude. these are hard to come by for me. i have a pretty home based life you see, the children are educated here, my life’s work is here, it is all right here, all of it, all of us. personal time is a hot commodity and i just grabbed me some. right in the middle of a hectic time.


a busy week has gone by. we hosted an on farm interview for a potential 2014 apprentice, gram’s kitchen cabinets were replaced (paul gets full credit for this job), 2013 taxes were completed (all me), we had a stupendous winter delivery to our csa members in nashville and we caught a great sap flow culminating in a sunny boil off this very day.


next week looks similarly full. our annual winter family visit is days away and we are all giddy with excitement for the time we can share with our out of town loves.we have a former farm apprentice coming for a visit, and with a weather prediction that looks down right spring like, i know the draw to be outside and readying ourselves for the season ahead is only getting stronger and stronger.  in the midst of all this, somehow, delightfully,  i am alone. the combination of the youngest deep in slumber and everyone else drawn to the olympics on TV at gram’s. i am left with nothing but a deep silence and the task of finishing the maple syrup which has only just been brought in to finish on the kitchen stove.


don’t get me wrong, i love rolling through life with these people. i am an extrovert by nature and am ever energized by their concentric circles around me. already now, i can imagine how lovely the cuddles will be when everyone returns. but you know what, it is just so quick to make popcorn for one….

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