Winter’s tight grip is loosening.  Bitter cold is making way for warm sun.  The thick ice is turning into mud.  Fun, delicious, mud.mud

The winter was so intense, it laid low a lot of plants that usual remain standing.  Now that the days are growing longer and warmer, we’re looking more closely to see what has held on.  There is life.  Small, but strong.chamomile

All this action has stirred our urge to plant.  It’s just a start, but two trays of onions sit warming to sprout in a south-facing window.onion

Birds of all shapes and sizes are busy, moving and making homes.  The chickens are laying more eggs.  Cranes fly north now.  Turkeys strut and gobble.

The sandbags that we used to hold down the row covering had been frozen to the ground.  This week, the wind ripped the remay out from under them and uncovered what’s left of our kale and collards.kale

There is just enough Rainbow Lacinato kale to make a quiche.  For this, we are thankful.

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