the good the bad and the pattern

motherhood, an ever changing, constantly challenging, truly gratifying journey. i became a mother nearly 15 years ago with the home birth of my dear eldest son. no one could have prepared me for the depth of love i felt for him from that moment on, to this day. when my daughter was born, i wondered how could i love another child as i did my first? alas, with her birth my heart burst open again and filled instantly. and one time again with my now nearly 3 year old,   my sweet william. this delightful treat motherhood brings us;  an insight into the depths of love.


this story is not meant to be a tale of  maternal love however, i am just pondering all that these children inspire in us each day. you see it is a rainy dreary late winter’s sunday and the combination of the awful outdoor conditions and my decision to give up caffeine today of all days, has me feeling a bit, hmmm how can i say this, low energy.  somehow, despite the clear “don’t bother me now” vibe i must surely be giving off, or because of said vibe, madeline is just FORCING me to learn to sew:  she won’t let up. you see this winter we have been dabbling with sewing. it has been quite gratifying but we reached a moment between aprons and doll’s clothes where we both wanted more. and so, on our last trip to town, we bought a pattern.


yikes. new language. new skills. dots and darts and selvedges and seam allowances and i think i might have been quite content just to stare at the pattern a little while longer.

you know, we are sailing ahead into spring, indoor craft time is drawing to a close and  i am happy with my  learning curve for the year. this was my winter of the thumb gusset which brought my knitting to a totally new level.


sewing:  i was happy were it sat.  we knew how to operate the machine, we were putting some cute stuff together, all good. but not my little girl. madeline is definitely pushing this one. so with a non caffeinated, slow moving, wishing it would stop raining self i dove into the deep end with my companion and by golly we are going to have a sun dress by the next time the sun shines!

i figure we don’t always define how we live together. when someone is up the other needs a pull.  that is the joy of living and sharing, sometimes it isn’t easy, but no one would want it to change. these dears were born to us to share with us. we learn and grow together always, when we want to and when we don’t.

9 thoughts on “the good the bad and the pattern

  1. It is great that your daughter wants to learn a new skill with her mom, even though that is not what you wanted to do at the moment. Way better than forcing her to stop watching TV and do something worthwhile.

  2. Hi, I have an idea that may work for you: find a generic dress at Goodwill and dismantle it for a pattern. If you are careful you can trace it onto newspaper or brown packaging paper, then sew it back together again. When I was a teenager we sewed wrap around skirts that would grow with us. There is so much fabric out there at GoodWill. One x-large women’s skirt will make a child’s skirt, small tote and head band to match. Good luck with your projects!

  3. I, too have been pushed beyond my sewing skills by my nine year old daughter this winter! Throw pillows, and doll clothes are one thing….but a pattern!? I struggled with the new language as well. Pushing myself to just do it, instead of thinking too much helped! 🙂 We have not tried a sundress yet, maybe that should be our next pattern.

    • it is all working out nicely, in my case it helped just to proceed like you suggest..when i looked at it all made sense, the pattern language..not so!

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