right now: toddler tricks

william’s two favorite toys (in addition to anything with wheels) are my camera and my reading glasses. i always watch him when he delights in these grown up pleasures, until yesterday. well, things got busy, really busy, and i just had to walk away. and then i forgot. and then, all was lost. so these days are without images and these nights without reading. i am quite sure i can find something else to do and you all can just picture this in your mind….

8 thoughts on “right now: toddler tricks

  1. My glasses, which luckily I only wear at night when I take out my contacts, now only have one ear piece. This is probably because of the little babe (she gets them for me every morning), but we won’t cast blame. They are old and have cat teeth marks on them anyway. If i keep my head still, its not a problem. 🙂

  2. Glad I’m not the only one who experiences this! Also, be wary, toddlers don’t get that some things aren’t picture worthy. Many a moment of Mommy doing personal things have been captured by my 2 year old and quickly deleted by me.

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