what a team

as my oldest son comes of age the tension that comes with adolescence sometimes creeps into our home. he is stretching his wings, breathing deeply and leaving childhood behind. i have some theories about parenting through adolescence, but i have decided to wait and share these once i am sure i have survived.

the other day we completed the poured concrete roof of our root cellar. i have chronicled the project here and here. it has been a thoroughly successful process and one that concluded with an absolutely perfect father son waltz. you see, all the aches and pains of my teenage boy trying to find his place on our family farm are eased by concrete.

DSCN0122these are two of my favorite guys, they are (we all are) fairly strong willed and opinionated. when these two are at odds, we all feel it.  when they work together, their rhythm can not be beat.






the delight i have in these moments is indescribable: pure bliss for me, the wife and mama.


3 thoughts on “what a team

  1. Robin – I love this!!
    as far as parenting through adolescence…it’s all “press and release” don’t you think? I have found that herding analogy so helpful– full of freedom and responsiveness (when needed).
    Can’t wait to see you…

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