the farmwives kitchen: fruits of the rain

I love kale.  There’s no way I could live like this and not love it.  But this is the time of year that I yearn for something else.  Here’s our latest experiment in the quest to satisfy the craving for something new….  shiitake egg foo yung.

It started with the first warm rain, which brought on a small surprise flush of shiitake mushrooms.  Beautiful, joyous surprise that was!shiitake

I chopped them into cubes and sauteed them in coconut oil.  The trick with sauteing these mushrooms is to let them get all juicy – they’ll give off quite a bit of water – then keep cooking them until they soak it all up again.  It takes a little patience, but it’s much worth the wait, because it’s THEN that they can get crisp.  I may have thrown some chopped garlic in with them in those last couple minutes.

Sprouts were a key inspirational ingredient here, as well.  In our desperation for something fresh and crispy to eat this season, we’ve been making sprouts – I highly recommend it for a much-needed crunch during the hunger moon.  Happens that I had a jar of healthy looking bean sprouts in the fridge.sprouts

I was out of ginger root, which would have been a natural here, but went out and found some cilantro that survived the winter by keeping low to the ground.  Yum.  A healthy handful of that plus a big hank of wild green onions out of the garden’s edges filled in where celery and standard green onions might otherwise have stood.

We mixed the sauteed mushrooms with the chopped onion and cilantro, then poured a great many well-beaten eggs on top.  The sprouts went in last, with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.  eggs

Small scoops of the batter were fried on a hot cast iron skillet, and kept warm in the oven with the pilot light.  I found it helpful to beat the batter from time to time – the cakes stayed bubbly and more consistent in their texture.  We served them with rice, a sprinkle of tamari, and hot sauce for those so inclined.

Everyone enjoyed this meal, and there’s a lot to be said for that!egg fooyoung

3 thoughts on “the farmwives kitchen: fruits of the rain

  1. That sounds absolutely amazing! I hope our shitake logs start producing soon. And I want to thank you and your Fellow Man for the boneset start you gave us last year. It is returning in abundance down by our little “wetland”!

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