bagels and bourbon

i’m not sure what y’all would do if you had a son turning three years old on the sunny saturday of the running of the 140th kentucky derby , but for us, the decision was clear, the boy’s favorite baked good and the race’s signature beverage.


it was a simple affair, our immediate family and  2 delightful farm apprentices.  the sunny afternoon, the statewide excitement of derby day, and the sheer exuberance that my third child exudes combined for the best imaginable party. live music and spring cocktails didn’t hurt.



there is nothing like a child’s birthday to send a parent on a stroll down memory lane. time passes in the blink of an eye and it is so easy for us to get caught in the momentum of life and not take pause to reminisce, to ponder, to be thankful. william’s birthday celebration was so joyful, it allowed me to be so present, an activity somewhat difficult in the emerging spring here on the farm.


in thinking of the past 3 years with my third child, i found it hard to imagine a time before this guy was in our life. i have to admit though, on this 3rd anniversary of his birth, his entry into the family was a little wild.  the unplanned pregnancy as i was solidly in my 40’s was definitely a life twist. a c-section was a shocker as my first two joined us after laboring and birthing at home.


but you see, for anyone that knows him and those of you that don’t, william is a love child. his manner and presence delight all around him. the rewards for pushing aside all the fears of a later in life pregnancy are tangible each and every day. it wasn’t easy, those months of pregnancy, the questioning glances as people stared at my growing belly and my graying hair simultaneously. now, as i think about our life and our family, i realize how precious a gift each child has been. i know why each joined us when they did, for their unique personalities complimented exactly where we were in that time, in that moment.


so we showered ourselves with love and presented our youngest with hand made gifts. we spent the glorious day singing and wagering on horses and sipping mint juleps and wondering how we could be so lucky.








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