full throttle

IMG_6866Spring is fully upon us. There’s no denying it now, friends. Just ask my sore, aching neck, it will tell you. I sometimes marvel at the increasing number of things that happen each day as the season progresses. It’s starting to be more things than I can keep track of, in fact. Probably I should refrain from even trying to tally how much goes down in a day, lest I find myself dizzy and in serious need of a strong drink. As the days get longer, and the lists get longer, we keep adding a little bit more into the medley. Oh, but it feels good. So good. And our efforts are rewarded by the sight of a well-tended garden. Daily salads fill me with a fresh energy to keep movin’… kind of like the burst of energy Popeye got from his cans of spinach. The chicks are growing nicely and the goslings seem to double in size each day. Lambing season began about a week ago, and 32 lambs are on the ground so far. Our Farmer’s Market started last weekend, and our CSA season will begin in a few days. And somehow amidst all of this spring push, meals still have to be prepared and laundry washed and floors swept. (Well, sort of.) Ah, but I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t love it, and I love it so.

So because I am short of words and energy and finesse to articulate the heart-wrenching beauty this time of year brings, I will leave you with some photos from the week:IMG_6860The first lamb.IMG_6883Looking for strawberries.IMG_6888To the garden we go.IMG_6890Farmer Eric and his prize tomatoes.IMG_6896Giddy at the thought of salsa.IMG_6898Yummy.IMG_6910Fresh greens.IMG_6911Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Here’s to spring in all of it’s glory! Now, I’ve got to get out that door and get busy! The day has dawned, the birds are singing, and I can’t wait to embrace the beautiful morning!

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