thankful + inspired

it has been a learning week on the farm. one with some complex lessons. by now you know that we are a mentor farm.  for 14 years we have hosted folks from all over the globe, apprentices young and old here to work and learn with our family. i have written about it more than once. i was gearing up to share my thankfulness for the lovely people that find their way into our hollow, onto our farm, into our lives. i had already mentally composed a tribute to all that have moved us to be better communicators for their desire to learn. i awoke this morning ready to tell their stories, actually, my own stories of their immersion in our farm and family life.


and then the call came. well, first it was a facebook message, then a call. our 2004 apprentice is en route to illinois and is taking a side trip to visit us. yes, 10 years have passed since this lovely young woman spent the season working with us, a full decade since she lived in the hollow and met the man who would be her husband. she will return today, with her 2 children, to tour the place we all hold dear. to sit on the breezeway of our cabin where she had those first special talks with her life partner. i can’t wait to see her. i can’t wait to walk the fields with her.

today, i am thankful indeed. it isn’t always easy welcoming people into your daily lives. teaching and learning is tough stuff. alas, i wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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