for Doyle’s Iris Patch.

Right here in Red Boiling Springs.iris patch 2

You might have an opinion about irises, but you might still be surprised too.  I certainly didn’t know much until I met Doyle.

He has the best collection I’ve ever seen.  iris merlot

Doyle was raised here, then went off and made a living cutting hair in Nashville.  Upon reaching retirement age, he decided to come home.  But he has not been idle.

There is about an acre of irises in his backyard.  He tries new ones, propagates the ones he likes, and shares them in all their glory with anyone who bothers to stop by.  The variety of colors and fragrances is truly a wonder.  A visit to the Iris Patch is a feast for the senses.iris brown

It’s a local treasure, and a worthy diversion for the busy gardener.

If you want to visit, it’s too late this year, but mark your calendar for Mother’s Day 2015.  You won’t be sorry.iris stripey

Thank you, Doyle.iris patch 3

3 thoughts on “thankful

    • We’ve notice that they really need light and circulation. But I haven’t heard Doyle give a lot of advice.  When he sells (very affordable) roots, he sends along a little print-out, clearly not of his own making, about how to plant and tend irises, and that’s it.  He seems to just keep working and keep watching what works. 


  1. Irises are in bloom here now. I love the lavender ones that seem to glow the color is so intense. One trick to irises is not to plant the rhizomes too deep. They are happy with the tops set just at the surface of the soil.

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