gettin’ fresh

IMG_7156Each day is a seduction… a series of events that entice and tantalize us into the next moment. From the strawberry patch to the laden pea vines. From the pasture full of bounding lambs to the outdoor kitchen full of hopping toads. From the sweltering sun in the gardens to the cool water of the creek. From the wood thrush’s song in the morning to the barred owl’s monkey calls in the evening. There’s so much life and pulsing and ripe juiciness all around that I could swear the season is gettin’ fresh with me. After last week’s fiascos, the seas have calmed themselves; the ship has regained her composure and is sailing smoothly once again. Love and light and beauty have grabbed ahold of me firmly by the shoulders and given me a brisk shake. Thank heavens. IMG_7095New harvests are bursting forth from the gardens. We have scored several very isolated rain showers this past week that nearby neighbors (sorry, Coree) have missed. The crops are flourishing. The weeds are pretty intense, too. I could easily disappear in a sea of green and not be found until winter.IMG_7099Two new hives of bees are getting busy with all of the clover blooming in the pastures right now. After a couple of years of not having my own hives, I am once again mesmerized by the busy little workers. And I’m so thankful for their pollination services and so hopeful for their longevity and good health. Admittedly, I’m also fantasizing about giant harvests of honey. But don’t worry bees… I won’t be greedy.IMG_7127During this intense seasonal surge, we are relishing a few days spent visiting and catching up with sweet friends that we haven’t seen in ten years. The last time they were here, Ira was a fat little blob of love that sat happily wedged between two pillows on the couch, drooling and jibbering and smelling of milk. Ten whole years? My goodness. Our newly acquainted children are getting to spend these days making new friends and new memories. And playing heated games of Uno.IMG_7116Chicken love is prevalent around the farm, too… nearly out of control in fact. Ira’s flock is reproducing and proliferating with abandon. I think they might be plotting to take over the farm. Two of his broody hens have made it through their successful 21-day sitting spell and are puffed up with pride while showing their little ones the ropes.IMG_7130And then there are these days spent with my children, creatures of love that they are, absorbing their surroundings like a sponge. They remind me each and every day what joy is all about. They remind me to laugh full belly laughs that bring tears to my eyes.IMG_7106An orphaned little duckling reminds me that my heart can expand further still.IMG_7108And my boy reminds me that there is balance in this world.IMG_7111I just have to take the time to see it. And when I do, when I let the cool waters of life pass over me and replenish me, I see clearly what a gift each moment is.  IMG_7153Cheers, friends! May the beauty of the day sweep you off your feet and leave you breathless and wanting more…

4 thoughts on “gettin’ fresh

  1. Very nicely written. This kind of life is hard to understand by those who never experience the simple joys as profoundly as those of us who live this life. You have captured that premise eloquently!

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