IMG_7091Opal has been finding inspiration in moths lately. She’s started her very own moth checklist to keep help keep track of all the ones she has identified. It was all her own idea, and from this homeschooling mama’s perspective it seems like a pretty good biology lesson. So her inspiration inspires me to keep my moth-eyes open for the benefit of her learning (and mine, too!) the species of moths that we share this farm with.

Coincidentally, we’ve just inherited a jar containing various stages of silk worms / moths for our continued learning. I don’t know the first thing about raising the little critters, but with my trusty helper Opal (or maybe I should call myself her helper) we plan on figuring it out! Who knows, maybe we’ll even be able to harvest some silk that I could spin into yarn (thread?) with some of my wool. It’s fun to dream anyway.IMG_7158

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