|| as much as the hand will hold ||

|| a small number ||

|| a person or thing that is hard to manage ||

IMG_7212A handful of chanterelle mushrooms.IMG_7063A little girl, no training wheels, and newly found freedom, is a definite handful.IMG_7146Broody hens. Chicks everywhere. Handfuls.IMG_7195A handful of free-range kids after eating chocolate at a birthday party.IMG_7205A handful of melon seeds. Many handfuls of buckwheat.IMG_7144Sidewalk chalk. And mud. What a handful.IMG_7231Oh, my. Serious handfuls.IMG_7164A handful of turnip.IMG_7239Weeds? I pulled handful after handful this week. But not these, they’re just too pretty.

With all of these handfuls, my hands are pretty full right now. And even though my mouth may be short for words, my heart is as full as my hands…

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