right now :: flock flock goose

IMG_7257A few days ago, the young flock of pullets and their guardian geese were integrated into the adult flock of laying hens. They had outgrown their chicken tractor/brooder and were ready for more space. And I was ready for two separate chores to become one. So with a little fence manipulation and chicken herding, (and maybe some sweat and curse words) the task was complete. We are still keeping the pullets in their own paddock within the bigger hen paddock, as the two flocks are still eating different feed rations, and so the big hens don’t take to bullying the young birds. But all’s well so far and I’m sighing a big sigh of relief as chore-time gets more refined…IMG_7263 IMG_7264 IMG_7265 IMG_7270

2 thoughts on “right now :: flock flock goose

  1. I wish more people read the blogs of you & the other radical farmwives. Your blogs always remind me of the tough life of a farmer. I know it is very rewarding as well, but I think most of us that put in an 8 hr. day & think we have worked really hard either forget or never knew how tough the life of a farm family is. It is definitely a dawn to dusk job that doesn’t get easier just because you know how to do it. Thanks for these great blogs….I don’t know about your own momma, but you Slide Library momma is very proud of you & all you have done! Hugs…Cindy

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