roll with it

The kiddos returned home with me from market on Saturday after their week-long foray in Nashville. Boy, was I glad to see them! They had great fun while they were there but I think they were all happy to be back on the farm; back to their non-urban lives… back to chickens and creek swimming, kitties and ripe melons from the garden.

Despite our need to settle back into our family’s rhythm, we loaded up on Sunday morning for a quick trip to my sister’s house in Indiana. She was throwing a birthday party for our dear mother. Big Number 70. Awesome.

It was great fun visiting with my mom, siblings, and nieces and nephews. The day was gorgeous and the cook-out delicious. I laughed so hard I almost cried when my brother sucked helium from one of the balloons and sang Happy Birthday to our mom. But the best part was probably the excitement when my mom saw her birthday surprise: a new bicycle! IMG_7677She was totally surprised and thrilled with her new ride. I hope when I turn seventy, I’ve still got the fire to cruise around on a bicycle. What a woman.

Today is my mom’s actual birthday. So… Happy Birthday, Mom! You be careful on those new wheels!!!IMG_7683

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