sunday, funday…..hmmmmm

one would think that we as a farming family would embrace the week’s final day: our lone “day off”, the schedule free culmination to a week of “must dos” and “have tos”, the sunday. likely someone might imagine we really look forward to this day and easily enjoy it. alas, this is not the case. the two days preceding can be the toughest and always the longest.  friday harvest and saturday delivery can take it’s toll on each of us. shaken from our normal daily schedule of good sleep and nourishing food. the pre dawn rise and the coffee and sugar mix we embrace while at the farmer’s market leave us a little frazzled as sunday dawns. once the chores are done and the rest of the daylight hours unfold we often run circles around each other,  grumble in an exhausted state and long for guidance to fill the day.


last sunday began like all the others before; adults wanting to lie in bed,  kids wanting to be fed and a huge question mark of a day looming ahead. things were so bad by late morning, i didn’t know which way to turn. after a few moments of extreme frustration i figured it out: destination kitchen. the heart of the home. we need to cook together. we need to seek nourishment together. we need to peel and chop and laugh together. and that my friends is what we did. for hours. comfort foods. yep. me and my 3 kiddos found our sunday groove. apple crisps and potato salad, creamy and salty and sweet and tart. our taste buds danced together when our day was done and our bellies full we had a sunday well spent.


you see, monday through friday we adhere to a fairly rigid  farm schedule that has us up and moving by 6 am. we each have our own responsibilities throughout the day, but there is a fairly strict routine and clear expectations. while we all crave a day of rest and need such, we find as a family, we sometimes don’t know what to do with that day.

photo 1-2

and here we are again, the fourteenth week of our market season passed and sunday again. this sunday, we are ready for action, we have out of town guests arriving later in the day. you know what that means? house cleaning. around here, house cleaning can go both ways: cooperative or antagonistic. expecting our visitors, there was no room for screams. miraculously it unfolded perfectly, we joined together, worked together and once again we found our groove, this time with broom and wash rags, with garbage bags and vacuums. so the day is on the wane, our guests are travelling north on the interstate and another sunday has passed. flawlessly. two for two. friends, i want you to know that family life isn’t always easy. we live and work here together, all of us. some days, we all are searching for that corner to hide in. i want you to be encouraged by my sunday successes. take a deep breath. slow down. engage with the littlest ones in your lives. try  the simplest tasks that connect us, give us such pleasure and if nothing else, we can pull off a nice meal and look happily upon a clean rug. it’s all good.

2 thoughts on “sunday, funday…..hmmmmm

  1. i should have read this yesterday before i nearly threw my bread dough out the window, would’ve helped me keep my zen a little better. but at least i pulled off a nice meal 🙂
    and nice veg kaleidoscope !

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