cousin love

i first met paul’s cousin’s from californa 5 years ago at a family wedding. we left the farm for 2 wonderful weeks that autumn travelling around the bay area, marin, mendocino, napa and sonoma counties visiting and meeting with friends and family. we stayed in quite a few perfect spots, but those 2 nights with our cousins in a tiny town whose main road ends in the pacific ocean live strongly in our memory. life prevented us from spending more time with paul’s first cousin, his wife and 2 daughters until this past week when the whole family flew from california to spend a week on the farm with us.

it is hard for me to describe how perfect this week really was. we didn’t take it easy, no, we had the agenda of sharing with these folks the “full farm experience”. that meant for long workdays, big projects, total immersion kind of stuff. to say we did this and more flawlessly would be an understatement. for those precious days there were 2 pauls, 2 robins, and 3 madelines (plus the 1 sasha and 1 william of course)! with those numbers we passed the hours in a state of multi tasking bliss. we milked the cow and made cheese. we harvested and dyed our yarn with fresh indigo. we fenced. we canned tomatoes. we made skirts and kept on top of the laundry and dishes for the party of 10.  we scraped lambskins. we pressed pear apple cider. we harvested and cultivated and planted. we dined on farm fresh foods. we baked cobblers and breads and even traveled together to a CRAFT event at Bugtussle. we spent every waking moment delighting in each others company.

you see, they are not just our cousins, they are farmers too. the shared respect and connection of our common interests was so affirming and constantly fun. we endlessly discussed our visions for the future of both the family farms, ours and theirs. the days passed and as the vacation drew to a close, i realized how lucky we were to share this time together. i thrilled in the knowledge that strong connections don’t necessarily take long to cultivate and in the wake of their departure, i find solace knowing this relationship will grow fuller and lovlier in the future. distance is not that difficult to overcome.

so dear readers, enjoy your friends, love your family, and live the life you dream.

some images of our fun are here


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