twice daily

IMG_7789Twice daily, I spend some time meditating on a cow. As the length of the days are right now, my chore time is basically coinciding with sunrise and sunset. I can’t think of a better way to start and end my days…

And some days, the whole family gets involved. I am trying really hard to not be selfish with my cow time, as I am loving it so much, but to allow and encourage the children to participate in caring for and milking Miss Lilly. She is the “family cow” after all. And the way my children drink milk, it only seems appropriate that we would all be equally invested in her health and well-being. Plus, the peaceful and meditative time spent will Lilly in her portable milking stanchion is a wonderful activity for all of us. I want my children to honor the nature of the animals we work with, and to respect that nature. When a cow prefers quiet, it’s important that we all learn to turn our volumes down. When a cow disdains sudden, quick movements, it’s critical that we learn to move more slowly and deliberately. With practice, we learn to speak a new language, so to speak.IMG_7812IMG_7790 IMG_7791 IMG_7793 IMG_7796So, we are, as a family, still adjusting to this new daily rhythm that milking a cow necessitates. Mealtimes have been slightly tweaked, extra help with other household chores has become more necessary than ever, a greater acceptance of the fact that there are only so many hours in a day, and increased forgiveness that some things just have to slide for awhile… that’s where we are right now. Mostly, though, I think we all agree that what we are experiencing with our new chore is beautiful beyond words.IMG_7814

1 thought on “twice daily

  1. very nice – speaking a new language. yes, that’s right. or is it speaking an old language? finding the ‘mother tounge’? How many languages do you speak? do you speak praying mantis? I know you do.

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