right now :: creekside knitting

IMG_7739 IMG_7740 IMG_7742 IMG_7743Opal has become a prolific knitter over the past year or so. More prolific than me lately, as it seems all of the hours that fill my days get filled by so many other things. I’ve been craving getting started on a new project… maybe when I get finished canning tomatoes!!! Anyhow, Opal has multiple projects going at any one time and she hauls her knitting basket with her throughout the days. She knits on the golf cart while she waits for Eric to do chores, she knits in the milking stanchion while I milk Lilly, she knits on the porch swing and on the couch, and in the pictures above, she found an interesting driftwood perch and sat herself down by the creek to knit a few rows while I was washing the day’s sweat and grime from my body. Bless her, sometimes when she sees me racing around like a chicken with my head cut off, she will beg me to come and sit with her, and knit. I love that.

Well, dear little Opal, these days are getting shorter and shorter. It won’t be long till we can sit together around the wood stove and share some knitting time.

5 thoughts on “right now :: creekside knitting

  1. This is just too wonderful! Too many kids today have their heads down concentrating on some mobile device – her mobile device is so much better! You should be a proud Momma.

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