kind of crazy

i am afraid if i tell you this story you will truly think me insane. but, i am going to tell you anyway. these late august days around here are the final push, the last leg of the marathon growing season. we work to get our fall plantings established while still maintaining and preserving the flow of summer fruits. it can be a well timed, fast moving dance with windows of opportunity sometimes closing before you knew they were open. this year, the rain is pouring on our august and we are jumping in there to do our typical season’s work over puddles. but none of this makes me crazy, just busy.


we had a basically dry week last week, one that saw us getting many of our fall plantings in order. when the week drew to a close and we needed to harvest and prepare for delivery, we lamented the rain that loomed in the forecast. the usual saturday unfolded, awoke at 3 am, packed last minute items into our van, woke the children and pulled out of the driveway at 3:45. we worked the market until 1:00, packed up and headed across town. we had some add-ons this day. paul was doing a gardening consultation on the west side of and i delivered roving to the local lovely shop Haus of Yarn. the day was a huge success, but we didn’t pull back into the farm driveway until 6:15. i put an exhausted toddler to bed and checked the weather. heavy rains were coming at dark and paul and i looked at each other.

“what needs to be done to ready those beds for fall planting?”

neither one of us wanted to be the one to push the other over the edge, but that cool, end of a long day beer didn’t taste so good knowing that we would lose the chance to have that ground ready. another drenching rain could set us back…. who knows how long?

so we headed out, cleared and tilled 2 beds in the final moments of our longest day. job done, but you have to admit, that is a little crazy.


and if this story did not convince you i am wacky, i did wake up the next day and made both homemade sriracha and ketchup.




now you know the truth. but today does mark the end of august….



4 thoughts on “kind of crazy

  1. early birds and late birds………..all in a day and more. Amazing work, amazing energy! Ok this might sound crazy to notice how clean your stove is during this wondrous time of putting up the harvest.

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