IMG_7892Today, I’m very thankful for our cow, Starla. After two years of needing assistance with calving, she finally took care of business on her own. A few mornings ago, Eric and I arrived for chores to a healthy little heifer calf laying peacefully in the pasture next to her mama. This cow is prone to udder edema, however… making her poor udder wildly distended with gigantic teats that are waaaay too big for a calf’s mouth. So Eric did have to help the nursing process out just a tad, but now the calf has the hang of it and is going gangbusters. I’m thankful for that, too.IMG_7913And tonight during chores I had a few more reminders of all that I have to be thankful for. A very isolated rain shower crept over the farm while we were in the midst of chores. The sky was so dynamic, with intensely gray clouds, lightly falling rain, and the low western sun shining through it all, illuminating the water droplets and making the farm sparkle. And we all know what the combination of these ingredients is a recipe for, right? Yes, rainbows. A full rainbow was visible from the ridge, one end coming to rest right at our hay barn. A barn full of golden hay is a pot of gold if ever there was one.

And can you guess where the other end of the rainbow fell? Right on Eric’s head as he was setting up the livestock fence in the pasture. But I didn’t need the rainbow to tell me where to find that precious pot of gold. I know a treasure when I see one…IMG_7909Wow, how lucky am I? Two pots of gold in one day! I’m feeling pretty darn thankful…

3 thoughts on “thankful

  1. Cher! I was just thinking of you, wondering why I haven’t been getting any of your posts in my email box lately, and the wild thought struck me that you closed up shop at your blog–I’m glad I wasn’t right! (But I still wonder why I’m not getting notified about your new posts anymore…I guess I have to sign up again.) Lovely pictures, as always!

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