the farmwives’ kitchen :: carnivore’s delight

(Vegetarian friends, I recommend that you skip this post.)

Birthdays only come once a year.

For several years I made stuffed peppers for my Fellow Man’s birthday.  And then I realized that I was only making them because we have so many peppers right now, not because he loves them so much.  Hmmmm.

One thing I do know he loves, is bacon.  Not all the time, not in excess, but now and then as a really good treat.

I’ve seen these bacon wrapped meat pieces on line and in stores and thought that they looked excessive.  I never thought of doing anything like that for us.  Until this birthday rolled around.roasted meat

Lulah and I cut a nice sized venison sirloin roast into inch and a half thick slices.  We salted and peppered the meat.  Then we took some nice bacon (from a trusted source) and wrapped each piece of sirloin in a strip of bacon.  We put a toothpick through, and for the most part they held together well.

The grill was hot.  I seared each side of each bundle, then turned down the heat and left them in there, with the lid closed for several minutes.roasting meat and squashroasted squash

After the meat was done the way we like it, we put on thick slices of patty pan squash marinated in garlic, and a few whole tomatoes.  Everyone was satisfied.roasted tomatoes

The peach pie vanished before I could take its picture.

It’s great to try new things.roasted meal

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