It’s been one of those weeks. My mind is in a billion different places, and my feet are tripping over themselves in my haste to get to wherever it is I am going. Our summer season in the garden and on the farm is winding down very quickly. We’ve been yanking out expired summer crops to make way for the last little bits of fall planting that we are trying to squeeze into the still full gardens. One more CSA delivery for the summer season and then we’ll be taking a few weeks off to have some resting and regrouping time before we fire up the fall season’s CSA deliveries in early October. So maybe, just maybe, when I get a little rest, my thoughts will converge into something worth writing about… until then, though, here are a few random thoughts and images of late:IMG_7801…The kids got dressed up for Halloween today. They went up to the garden in full costume to trick-or-treat the garden plants.

…There is a big storm brewing just to the south of us. That is normally not the direction our storms hail from, but I am certain I can see the clouds billowing and pluming and reaching and stretching towards the farm. I know the rain is coming. The thunder claps continue to get closer. Being the logical girl that I am, I decide to hang laundry on the line.IMG_7865…I can’t stop looking at the wood cookstove. I do not deny the impulse to polish off some of the accumulating dust so I go ahead and shine the thing up. It’s ninety something degrees outside and my mind keeps drifting to those dark cold mornings, creeping around the house so as to not wake the children, and kindling a fire.

…It’s way past the kid’s bedtime. The day was long. Everyone was up early and there were no naps. Olivia sits contentedly on the couch, not seeming the least bit tired, cutting up a piece of paper with toenail clippers.IMG_7818…This morning the fog was incredibly thick. Driving up the hill in the golf cart to milk Lilly, my sense of space was distorted. All was gray. Faint darker gray blobs that might be trees appeared momentarily, and were then swallowed back into the fog as I passed by. A million spider webs glistened and drooped under the weight of all that moisture. The cedar trees looked like they had been dusted with snow.

…When we have long spells of rain and the humidity soars and the temperatures are stuffy, the woodwork in our house blooms a white mold. I wipe it all away, and in just a few days it’s back again. There is no air-conditioner to keep the mold in check. I’m not pining for an air-conditioner, though. I have a better tool: a wood stove. The past two days Ira has kept the fire in the cookstove raging. He was so excited to have a fire in the house again that he went up to the garden and dug some sweet potatoes. Bye bye mold. Hello freshly baked sweet potatoes.IMG_7925…When you borrow a dump truck from your neighbor to make the hauling of compost from the pile to a garden patch a bit easier, it might be good to make sure the hydraulic lift functions properly before loading it with compost.

On that note, I am suddenly tired. I am reminded of all that has been happening, and all that will be happening very soon, and the fact that my day will begin before the sun is up tomorrow.

Good night, friends. May you all rest easy. I know I will.


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