right now :: new friends

IMG_8041Meet Bill. The heron. Ira befriended “Bill” the first day of our vacation. My bird-sensitive little guy noticed this particular heron had some fishing line wrapped around his leg, and was limping a bit. I guess Ira felt like Bill might need some help rounding up his supper, so every single day that we have been here at the beach, Ira makes sure to leave a little snack for his feathered friend. In the evenings, Bill flies in to the fishing pier on the lagoon where we are staying. My boy leaves whatever he has available for Bill’s supper, be it bait fish or the heads and tails of fish that will make their way to my family’s supper plates. Bill seems appreciative, but sensibly skeptical of the humans that are leaving him treats. As my consciousness sometimes wavers about the necessity of feeding a wild bird, my heart feels warm when I see my boy and his choice of friends.IMG_8043 IMG_8045 IMG_8049 IMG_8057

2 thoughts on “right now :: new friends

  1. It is a tough situation. You have raised a conscientious and kind child who wants to help (and I would probably be feeding him also!), but you also don’t want to make the bird comfortable around humans, because not everyone is as nice as your son.

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