right now:: birthdays and bovine news

today is my birthday and although it is a harvest day here on the farm, we will sneak in a moment to share a white cake with meyer lemon icing and meyer lemon curd filling made especially for me by my dear ones. serendipitously we had the vet out this past week to pregnancy check our cow. dear addie is in fact pregnant which means it is time to dry her off, stop milking her, allow her to give her strength and energy into the growing calf inside her. so, today marks both my birthday and the end of the longest lactation ever for our family cow!!



dairy friends note, 21 months and 3 days.me and my boy and my cow welcomed those mornings together. now, it is time for a much needed break. whew.


6 thoughts on “right now:: birthdays and bovine news

  1. Happy birthday to one of my dearest!!! I just tried to call you…it was busy. We are enroute to Jeff’s for the weekend so I thought I’d email you before I turn the hand held device off for the weekend 🙂 I love you so much. Been thinking if you a lot. Enjoy the cake! Talk to you soon, like Monday 🙂 Xoxo Laura

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