so i loved cher’s random post a few weeks ago, as her mind flitted from place to place she captured those brief moments and explored  them with all of us here.

i am feeling a similar inability to focus on any single topic or task right now, for nothing but the best of reasons. i am awash in all things wonderful, my mind flies from goodness to goodness and i can’t help but be so thankful right now. with hopes that my happiness is contagious, i am going to share a handful of my recent joys.


each seed planted is an act of faith, with water, sunlight and hope we receive food (or not….that happens too. all the time.let’s be real here.). we always attempt fall plantings of green beans, if a frost doesn’t come early and enough late summer rain falls, we can end up with a great crop. this year, we did. we found ourselves offering unlimited beans to our CSA members this delivery. wow.

dragon lingerie beans, bushels of them

dragon lingerie beans, bushels of them

one week later and said bean crop would not have easily gotten picked. these beans ripened when we still had many hands doing the picking. bean picking is a time consuming, body aching, kind of task which is difficult to be done to completion without plenty of pickers. so we were so thankful to celebrate the last week on the farm with our apprentices in the bean patch. yes, the 2014 hosting season draws to a close. the summer kitchen is getting wrapped up, and our last dear seasonal resident heads back to LA on monday. the emotions that arise with the comings and goings of our summer extended family members can not be described in words. bon voyage danielle, we will all miss you


as the summer winds down and fall and winter lie ahead, we are looking to other, non garden projects to fill our days. mind you, we still have a couple of big projects in the fields, but the majority of our major seasonal projects are complete. we are turning our attention to the farm stay project,. i first introduced it to you all here and despite the pressure of the growing season, we have made great leaps and are full of optimism. i can entice you with an image capturing the fencing project

all farm harvested cedar posts

all farm harvested cedar posts

and if that doesn’t get you excited about a project, the original wood floors are being restored to their turn of the century glory


the past week was dotted with many significant and less significant events, but it was one that seemed to play out flawlessly. i hope you all are finding life joyous as summer turns to fall. if you are facing less than perfect times, i hope the happiness that surrounds me now finds it’s way to you…….


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