Each autumn when my family takes our annual vacation to the beach, I spend a good deal of time knitting. You might have figured out by now that I love to knit. But during the busy months of spring and summer on the farm, my hands don’t spend much time with wool and needles. So when autumn rolls around, and the promise of a vacation is near at hand, I spend a little time over at my favorite knitting website, Ravelry, getting really inspired and finding just the right patterns to take along with me.

This year I completed these two great projects:

In Threes, for little Miss Olivia…IMG_8167 IMG_8168

And a kerchief/shawl for me…IMG_8158 IMG_8162

With the shortening days, hints of cooler weather creeping in, and an increasing need for woolen garments to ward off the chill, I am very inspired to keep my sweet family warm and toasty with adundant mama-made hand-knits!

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