the things we do

the circus was in town.  one day. two shows. madeline caught wind of it on a recent trip to the library where the posters were hanging. i had noticed the advertisements as well  but was too busy to delve too deeply into the idea and so let it pass. somehow on this sunday morning these children of mine, who rarely, if ever, agree on ANYTHING, decided they all wanted to go. in a moment of spontaneity, rare for myself and my family so rooted in routine, we went.


i had a significant moment of doubt before departure. i queried my husband, “are the moral implications too huge? is this a mistake?” he soothed me, “they want to go, see what happens”. and off we went, into the thick of it. the environment was like nothing these kids of mine had ever experienced.  the loud music, the crowds. the show place.


at the end of the show, we ambled back to the van and headed home, what did you think? i asked. the discussion was so awesome. they each enjoyed themselves but pondered deeply a few topics. the schedule how could they do two shows day after day after day after day? how did this group of performers move so much? the kids seemed to have sincere empathy for the true daily life of these circus performers. the marketing at each moment there seemed to be another attempt to sell merchandise. i loved that my family could roll their eyes at this! the finances they pondered thoroughly the costs and income from these one day events. the personnel required to make the event work, the equipment, the number of people attending, they did some good math.


at the end of the day, it was a great experience. it was not our normal sunday, but what is normal anyway? we spent the time together, learned a lot, talked about it and made out with only 3 overpriced lemonades. not bad.

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