hands on.

All of the rain that has been falling lately seems to be driving home the fact that the seasonal shift from mostly outdoors to mostly indoors is upon us. Here I think I can speak for my fellow farmwives (and their families!) that when we find ourselves indoors, we also find ourselves making things. (Probably our creative juices get flowing as a survival mechanism when we find ourselves trapped in tight spaces for long periods of time with our respective families. Ahem.) Whether we’re making gooey donuts or colorful knitting, textured weaving or gaudy jewelry, pretty paintings or sewn sundresses… our hands find different outlets for keeping busy (and sane).

So today, I’m going to launch a new series here with the farmwives: hands on. Every so often we’ll take our turn at showing all of you out there what we’ve been making with these busy hands of ours. (We would love to see what you’ve been up to as well, so please feel free to leave a link to your own hands on projects in the comments!)

Ok, so, here goes… this week my hands finished that pair of socks I started last week. They turned out pretty good and just so happen to fit both of my girls perfectly. Uh-oh… two socks, four feet. I bet you can guess what my next knitting project is going to be.

IMG_8200IMG_8195IMG_8192Next, my happy little knitter, Opal, just finished her very first skirt. The only thing I helped her with were the decreases around the waist to help make it fit. Otherwise, she did the entire project all on her own with some yarn that her Aunt Cassie got her for Christmas last year. When she first cast on this project, she was just knitting for knitting’s sake and didn’t really have a finished project in mind. As her knitting progressed, she saw clearly what she wanted to create. Once she reached the waistband, I taught her how to do a “purl” stitch, and she caught on instantly. This knitting mama is pretty proud of her girl, to say the least… IMG_8201IMG_8198And I suppose you notice her fashionable jewelry? (It’s kind of hard not to notice) She just finished all of that, too. IMG_8194IMG_8197 I think this is going to be a very entertaining and creative fall and winter season filled to the brim with many hands on projects!


8 thoughts on “hands on.

  1. Reblogged this on Life During Wartime Challenge and commented:
    I love this blog post from radical farmwives on so many levels that I had to reblog it. Love the idea of hands on. Love the pair of handmade socks of two different shades of grey. Love Opal’s outfit that she made so much of herself. Amazing tiny person! I look forward to more hands on posts 🙂

    • Thank you! I followed the instructions for the “sample” socks from Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes, which is why they are different colors… to help follow the instructions more easily.

  2. I’m so impressed with the skirt! I can’t wait for my girls to show an interest in knitting. I’ve go a while though, they’re only 4 and 9 months. 🙂 And be careful with socks. They become SUPER addictive to knit. especially the larger gauge slipper socks, because they’re such quick knits.
    Are you on Ravelry yet?

    • She’s a pretty meticulous knitter, indeed. I think she started when she was maybe five, and is now seven (eight soon). I just sat with my four year old because she wanted to knit, but she wasn’t quite there yet. We’ll try again later. I wish I had started so young… just think of all of the sweaters!!!
      Yes, I’m on Ravelry (in fits and spurts). My handle is bugtusslemama. See you there?

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