right now:: launching

I have been intrigued  by crowd funding for quite a while, the idea of mobilizing one’s community to financially support a specific project or idea fascinated me. My personal fascination was fueled by the truth that as full time first generation farmers, Paul and I are pouring nearly every cent we earn into paying for this land.  We are, to put it gently, chronically short on capital. Simultaneously however, we occupy this amazing place at the center of a rather large, extremely supportive, delightfully diverse community. Over the past months my fascination grew and grew and my research verged on obsessive and my project solidified and now, I mean right now, I did it.  This very moment  I launched my Indiegogo crowd funding campaign.

wowza. I sort of feel like i have jumped off of the edge of a cliff into a deep, beautiful, but rather unknown body of water. So dear readers, check it out. Watch the video. Read the story. Spread the word. There are some fine tidbits of our farm’s history, some stellar photographs, a great project to support, some darn good perks and a little more insight into what I do with my time.

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