on the campaign trail

OK, so I launched a crowd funding campaign 6 days ago. I have been pondering this concept for years, refining our specific project for months and  managing the “campaign” for less than a week. I spent countless hours ironing out the quirks, creating the perks and writing text that could clearly convey to others what we were trying to do and how we were going to do it. What I did not prepare for, heck, what I didn’t even know what i needed to prepare for, was the sheer depth of emotion that would arise from this activity.


I read tutorials and blog posts and articles all over this world wide web. I thought I was well prepared. I am discovering now, as these days unfold,  the sheer act of declaring my biggest dreams so publicly has such impact. For that, I was not ready. Clarifying my vision, capturing that idea, and putting it all out there in the form of a formal request for help, is an act of huge significance for me. I realize the depth of this process, that of opening myself up so fully, is beyond anything I could have imagined.


I have spoken with friends I haven’t heard from in years, received donations from folks I don’t even know, read heart felt emails from those whose lives were forever altered by time spent here on the farm. I know, I should have guessed, but once again, the truest treasure of this process is the connection, the community, the crowd. Again I am reminded that my most important work is holding these amazing relationships close. Again I see the greatest joys come from human interaction. Again I notice the truest gifts are people. So, it is with so much thanks that I continue along my campaign trail. Of course I hope to meet the financial goals of this fund raiser.  I realize now, as if I forgot, how rich I am and will continue to be, regardless.


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