hands on. marzipan.

Our little guy turned four.  Big Four.levon four

When asked what kind of cake he wanted, the only specifications he could give involved the use of the bundt pan, and cars.  He didn’t want a car shaped like a cake, but he wanted cars ON the cake.cake 1

I had been wanting to play with marzipan for awhile.  The opportunity finally arrived.

Turns out, it’s not so hard.  Here’s the recipe I used – it’s at the bottom of a nice informative post.

I used almond flour that I had dehydrated from the making of almond milk awhile back.  It was worked up, nearly at a 1:1 ratio, in the food processor with powdered sugar (which is just regular sugar cut in the food processor then sifted, by the way), along with a bit of almond extract, rose water (one of my favorite secret ingredients), and an egg white.  So easy!cake 2cake cars

The taste was good, but I think when I try it again I’d like to try using fresh almonds.  One reader on some website I visited in this exploration remarked that he didn’t even blanch and skin his almonds before he ground them and it still worked great.  Maybe then I could even leave out the egg white.  Our refrigerator is small and anything I can make that doesn’t have to be chilled  is more likely to be made again.

cake finishedSo, I frosted the cake (marble chocolate/vanilla) with the marzipan, working it with my fingers.  I used a tiny tube of sparkly black frosting to write and make a road around the top, and then, I made “cars”.  Rudimentary cars, of course, but Levon found the quite acceptable, as well as yummy.cake up close

cake with levonGo ahead, play with your food!  Happy birthday sweet Levon!cake lit

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