giving and receiving

so it has been nearly 3 weeks since i launched our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. (check it out  if you have’t done so, please please)

Despite all of the tutorials, all of the preliminary work, all of the preparation, I was in so many ways ill prepared. somehow, in all of those hours leading up to the campaign’s launch I didn’t spend enough time pondering the significance of the simple acts of giving and receiving. How could I have known then the deep emotions that would arise in the process of asking for and receiving gifts, over and over again for weeks. Friends, let me take a minute now to tell you, it is heart wrenching. really.


The campaign trail is a rigorous one, one that must be tread on day in and day out if the campaign is to be a success. So, after two days “off” (haha,  farm harvest and CSA delivery day, hardly off, but away from my computer and therefore the campaign) I awoke on this lovely fall morning ready to go. Inspired by my hours spent talking with CSA members, my urban friends,  and fellow vendors at the Nashville Farmers Market, I had a huge computer task list  that included a significant number of emails to send. With a steaming hot cappuccino by my side, I felt great.

It was Sunday, the land was quiet and darn if I couldn’t send even a single email. yep, you guessed it. technical failure. glitch. circumstances beyond my control. computer work screeched to a halt before it even began. With no technical support available from my internet provider until 1:00 the day stretched ahead of me.  At this critical moment in my fund raiser,  I still needed to use my time to further the project.  With a moment of reflection, it was clear what I needed to do: start giving! yes indeed, with my morning hours free and a long list of my contributors to date, I started shipping gifts.


For those of you not familiar with the whole crowd funding thing, (yes, like me just months ago), folks that donate to a campaign receive incentives or “perks” for even the smallest donation. In my campaign, I am thanking friends from near and far for their generosity with postcards and knit items and hot sauce and overnight stays and maple syrup and workshops and all kinds of fun hill and hollow farm stuff. So today I started the giving. I have been on the receiving end for 19 days. My heart has been so full of gratitude, it has burst over and over again.  Alas, this morning spent giving was equally joyous. The feeling of reaching out and thanking those who have offered their financial support of our project was stupendous. After a heck of a lot of receiving,  the time was right for me to delve into giving.  What a glorious morning it was.


In these days past and those that lie ahead, I am learning much about asking for and receiving assistance. I am lying awake at night awash in gratitude and amazement at the power of my community and the reality unfolding before me. Believe me friends, it is not easy to make yourself vulnerable. It is not simple to identify a need and ask others, many many others, to fill it. This is just what I am doing these days: immersed in the flow of energy and thriving on the joy of giving and receiving. Join me.


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