the final days

there are five more days of my crowd funding campaign and it is all i can think about.

here is the link, one last time!

really, it is probably all i can write about, since it is all i can think about.

i should compose an essay about the past weekend because an epic event unfolded. the three of us farmwives and our families journeyed up to Louisville to attend and present at the biodynamic association’s national conference.  to say we were apprehensive would be an understatement, to suggest we were a wee bit out of our comfort zone in the urban hotel venue would be accurate. i have a feeling this is going to be a topic we all ponder in the days ahead;  the rainy cold days that the weather predicts will engulf us. for now, i will show a glimpse, my only photo of the weekend.

DSCN1731truly though my mind is with indiegogo and the days that lie ahead. days which will be spent reaching out to any and all for support with our farm’s latest project. the final days of a month long campaign. wish me luck.  consider a donation. even a dollar offered gets us one step closer to reaching our goal. the energy is going to flow this week ahead and now, i take a deep breath, and ready myself for it. whew.




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