a confession

i just mulched my garlic. today. the last day of november. golly. i tried to be happy for my friends and fellow farmers when each duly noted their garlic crop was planted and covered. over and over again each joyfully finished the project and there i was with this gnawing feeling “robin, you gotta get out there and get ‘er done” yikes. this went on for weeks.


planting and mulching the garlic is the last big job of the growing season around here. depending on a number of factors in any given year, this can happen flawlessly or, hmmm, not so. this year we planted our garlic on time. a beautiful series of october days allowed us to complete this process fairly flawlessly. and then other projects jumped in and took hold and that garlic remained uncovered.


i spent most days from october 21st through november 21st more or less glued to my computer screen. it was my  indiegogo crowd funding campaign after all, and i was on it and in it for most of my waking hours.(another confession, many of my middle of the night hours as well…)in the wee hours of that final friday night, the moments just before our final delivery of the csa season, i reached my funding goal and the campaign ended a success, just like that. i was exhausted and thrilled and shocked and amazed at the process and most of all, i was ready to head outdoors!


the holiday week was full of delight and so it came to pass that just yesterday i made it to the garlic patch. just me and my youngest mulcher. the weather was pre storm balmy, the kind of november weather in kentucky that alerts you to the storm. but the sky moved and my buddy and i spread bale after bale of our neighbor’s oat straw. i was jubilant actually. it felt great to finally complete this job. it was rejuvenating to be back in the fields one last time before winter really sets in.


now, i am truly ready for the rain. today, i would welcome even sleet or snow. i am so thankful for completion: of the garlic, of the CSA season, of the crowd funding campaign. all of it. the final push for the 2014 season was a grand one for me, full of late nights and lofty goals.  now, completely ready to embrace the winter months,  i want to share with you all my deepest gratitude. i hope each of you is as cozy as hill and hollow farm’s garlic as december arrives!

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