today dawned bright and frosty, the perfect december morning. my family slept in, unusual for us, but we returned home on the day prior late into that long night.

we delivered shares of seasonal bounty to our most devoted shareholders. filled to the brim with the health giving winter greens, we completed our farming work for the year with our most cherished “christmas basket” delivery and it was glorious.

as we awoke on this shortest day, the one that ends just as it begins, we had no agenda. when the sun shone, we knew we had to be outside, spending our waking hours enjoying this briefest day in her sunny glory. so, it is with a body tired from a long saturday delivery and a sunny sunday spent with my children and firewood that i prepare for the longest night.

with a full heart that i look ahead to the lengthening days and the promise that comes along with that. tonight as we dine on citrus and fresh sourdough bread, we will light candles and celebrate. there is much to rejoice in. wishing you all such joy in the days ahead, however you chose to celebrate this time, it is precious and holy.





2 thoughts on “inward

  1. A lovely way to spend the Solstice … we celebrated in similar fashion and although we were not treated to even the shortest view of the sun, either yesterday or today, we know it’s up there and eagerly await its return. D

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