butt slippin’ and moss kissin’


it’s what you do when the rain gets you down.  it’s just what anyone needs to combat cabin fever. it’s undocumented because a camera would get in the way. it’s the best kept secret to kick the gray day doldrums away. yes, it is a long scramble in the rain drenched december woods with a 3 1/2 year old guide. a guide who cares not if he is damp to the bones. a guide so perceptive he can find individual fungi and moss in every imaginable shape and shade of winter green. a guide so full of laughter it carries through the hollows on a somber sunless day. it’s how we roll around here, when the scale tips out of parental favor, head to the hills. it works every time.

now with the sun set and our layers hung by the wood stove to dry, we have settled into a long evening, warmed by the fire, hugged by the fairies, each of them. ahhhh



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